Creating the Agriculture Industries first GraphQL API

Creating new platforms can be challenging, releasing a new API doesn't have to be one of them

Creating tomorrow’s livestock provenance / supply chain

Design systems and future-state mock APIs to test livestock traceability of tomorrow.

Improving experiences and saving money with next.js

How we utilised some of the power of next.js to offer increased performance, reduced costs and offer a much-improved customer experience

Search Better with Algolia

Search Better with Algolia

Learn how we improved site performance, user experience and access to more accurate and relevant data through third party search services

Transforming design capabilities and business with powerful design systems

Increase efficiencies, consistency and overall product satisfaction

Supporting livestock farmers with innovative platforms to get ‘it’ done

Digitising farming with design thinking and mixed method research.

Making agriculture insights impact today, tomorrow the future

How we designed and developed a tool to present user research in an informative and accessible way

Future proofing e-commerce

Custom content creation should be in the hands of your editors, not just the developers. Learn how we enabled editors to create and update content and layou in a super easy, streamlined way

Solutions for customisation conundrums

Hello Human was engaged to re-build the current e-commerce platform and re-imagine creating dresses from the current manual process, to an easy, self-managed way.

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