Binding Business to Purpose

In an era where environmental concerns are no longer whispering cautions but rather, thundering imperatives, the business world finds itself at a unique crossroads.

There is a pressing need for a transformative approach to how commerce operates, and how it engages with the world at large.

1% for the Planet emerges not just as a response to this need but as a movement that’s reshaping the very ethos of corporate responsibility.

The Seed of Change

The concept is disarmingly simple yet revolutionary: businesses commit to donating 1% of their gross sales to environmental nonprofits, creating a potent force for positive ecological impact. It's a model that fuses philanthropy with everyday business operations, allowing companies to be agents of change without waiting for grand gestures or milestone moments.

The beauty of 1% for the Planet lies in its accessibility and its immediacy. It’s an open invitation to businesses of all sizes to participate in environmental stewardship, from the local artisan shop to the multinational corporation. There’s a profound realisation that sustainability isn’t just a buzzword or a marketing gimmick; it’s the scaffolding for a future where businesses thrive by nurturing the planet that houses them.

The Symphony of Impact

The alliance of companies that have taken this pledge is as diverse as it is inspiring. Among the ranks, we see icons like Patagonia, whose commitment to the environment is woven into the very fabric of their business model. There are innovative disruptors like Tentree, who plant ten trees for every item sold, tangibly aligning their growth with that of the planets. And then there are companies like Klean Kanteen, who not only donate to environmental causes but also champion a culture of reusable and sustainable products.

What these companies have in common is a shared belief that business success and environmental health are not just intertwined, but in fact, dependent on each other. They understand that economic growth doesn’t have to come at the expense of ecological balance.

Our Collective Journey

At Hello Human, our alignment with 1% for the Planet is a statement, a commitment, and a journey we embark on with our community. We believe that to foster innovation, we must be willing to invest in the foundational assets of our planet. Our participation is a reflection of our values, a blueprint of our corporate conscience, and a message to our customers that every purchase they make is a step towards a greener tomorrow.

We chose to be a part of 1% for the Planet because we recognise that the environmental challenges we face are greater than any one of us, but they are not greater than all of us together. This is our way of contributing to a solution that reaches beyond our immediate horizon, knowing that the benefits of such a pledge are reciprocal.

Being part of this movement also allows us to connect with a network of like-minded entities and individuals, amplifying our impact and learning from those who share our vision. It allows us to be transparent with our stakeholders about where and how we’re investing our 1% – in local tree-planting initiatives, conservation efforts, renewable energy projects, and the many veins that support the heart of our planet.

An Invitation to Join

1% for the Planet isn’t just a badge we wear; it’s a compass that guides our operations, a narrative that enriches our brand, and a commitment that binds us to our community and our world. As we navigate through the complexities of modern commerce, it is a constant reminder that business can and should be a force for good.

We invite other businesses to consider this pledge not as an obligation but as an opportunity to redefine what success looks like. To embed within their strategic objectives a purpose that transcends profit and speaks to the preservation of the very environment that sustains us all.

In the end, it's about ensuring that as we prosper, our planet does too. It's about knowing that when we align our businesses with the health of the environment, we’re choosing a path of sustainability not just for our companies, but for the future of life on Earth. And there's no investment wiser, no cause greater, than that.